Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spring Run Trail ....Part 2

One of the first interesting items that you run across is this fencing  on the right of the path--anybody know what the City is protecting you from ???? From falling into the emerging Spring Run stream!
Here it is from the other side of the fence. Think back to  Congress Park, standing by the carousel, that is the last spot that you would see this stream above ground.  Some say the headwaters (or where it starts) is under CVS in Congress Plaza where it naturally runs underground to the park--pops up near the bandstand.....It then runs via culvert by the carousel- down Putnam Street to High Rock and is free flowing from this spot through Ten Springs - around the closed landfill to finally empties into Lake Lonely.

Later, we will add a 1800's map showing how stream ran through the area.

Spring Run Trail in Saratoga Springs. Part 1

We are soooo happy that the Spring Run Trail is finally opened !  The treasures abound !!!!!!
At the start of the Trail - this is looking north - across Excelsior Ave.  The field was where the City ice skating rink building it is a DEC Brownfield.  We hope that some handicapped parking will be built there...otherwise there is no true handicap access.

This is the house that the Taylor brothers owned.  They developed the area that was part of the Ten Springs....More later.

How the building and area looked in 1888.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Go see Beckettshorts at the Tang Museum

Just be sure that you don't become part of the actors guild while waiting in the lobby.....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Snowperson at the Frederick Gardens Apartments in Saratoga Springs.

A little snowperson --still visiting Saratoga Springs after our early snowfall yesterday.

Outstretched arms - Waiting for more snow ?  Or just remembering that this was the old site for St. Faith's School for girls ???